Veterinary Information for Grant Applicants

A client from your practice has requested a grant from the Riedel and Cody Fund to help pay for cancer treatment costs.

As part of this grant process we require information about the diagnosis and treaments costs. Please have the form below completed by the treating veterinary oncologist or hospital administrator. Once we receive this information we will begin the review process for the grant request.You will receive a confirmation email once you submit this form and our application administrator will contact your clinic if the grant request is approved.

Please note:

(1) We do not fund for treatments or surgeries which have already occurred.

(2) We require that the treating veterinarian discount their charges by at least 15% to ensure our grant will cover as much as possible.

(3) Cancer diagnosis must be made by a veterinary oncology practice.

Thank you for working with us to help save a cherished companion, please contact our organizaiton with any concerns or questions.

The Riedel and Cody Team


Veterinary Support for the Riedel and Cody Fund

About the Riedel and Cody Fund

Your client has applied to our charity for a grant to help them pay for the treatment cost for their pet in your care. Our mission is to help owners who can not afford live saving treatments for their pets if there is a good quality of life expectation and a supported standard of care.

Please take the time to fill in this form completely it will help a great deal in our decision to fund your client - thank you.

The application number was sent to you via email from our online application system. If you don't have that email or if the application number doesn't work properly in the form please call (203) 295-0355 and press extension "3".
Information About Your Clinic
Information About Your Client
Treatment & Costs
(Please provide estimates for each modality, i.e. surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, supplements, number of treatments, etc.)
File Uploads
We ask that you upload diagnostics as well as other reports to the system. If your file is not uploading please check that it is one of the accepted file types and that it is not too large to be uploaded. (Max file size: 50MB and format:pdf,doc,jpg,tif)
If you have an additional file that you'd like to send over such as an estimate, please upload it here.
If you have another additional file that you'd like to send over such as an estimate, please upload it here.
In signing this application I verify that to the best of my knowledge, the diagnosis of, and prognosis for, this named pet are stated accurately and that at this time, I support the above “Treatment & Costs.”
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