6 years old
Molly came to us in 2006, right after we started our life together. We had been looking for a dog everywhere. Our hearts had been telling us to rescue, but finding the right dog for us seemed to take longer than expected. We were living in the second story of an apartment, and the people who lived below us had these two precious spotted puppies sitting in a kennel on their porch day and night. We never saw these people play with these puppies or interact with them, much less let them out of their tiny shared kennel. One day on my way to work, I saw our neighbors loading the pups into her car. I told her they were beautiful and asked where they found them. She responded with "The pound, but they're going back right now." The maternal side in me took over, and I insisted she leave them with me. Needless to say, my husband was surprised when he came home from work and we had gained not one, but two dogs. A friend of ours took one and we kept the other, named her Molly, and she has been our heart and soul ever since. We have no children yet, so she has become almost human to us. She enjoys chasing birds, playing fetch, looking out the window for her "friends" (the family of deer who live in our backyard), playing with her cousins (our 2 & 3 year old nephews), and toting around her toy squeaky pacifier. Soon after we brought her home, we discovered that she had Mange. It was heartbreaking to know that our baby was uncomfortable, so we decided to treat the mange. They dipped her in a liquid once a week for a few months, and soon the nasty disease was gone. Ever since then, she has been healthy, happy, playful, loving, and full of energy. Early January 2013, Molly was scheduled for her annual visit to the vet for her shots. My husband had noticed some swelling around her lymph nodes a few days prior to her appointment. The vet immediately suggested that we test her for lymphoma. Our worlds were rocked, and it felt like everything was crumbling around us when we got the phone call saying that our baby did, in fact, have cancer. We were referred to a internal medicine specialist who gave us the official diagnosis and told us that it had also spread to her liver and her spleen. Without hesitation, we decided to treat it with chemotherapy. Molly had her first chemo treatment last week, and seems to be doing well. We are very worried about how long we will be able to afford her ongoing treatments, which is why the veterinary tech referred us to the Riedel-Cody fund.
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In Treatment
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Molly has had her first treatment, they used the L-Spar on her. They said she may be a little lazy, but should have no other side effects. We are giving her an oral sterroid daily along with Prilosec to keep away acid reflux. Next week, she will go back for Doxirubicin, and will have that treatment once every three weeks until the cancer has gone into remission. This is not the recommended course of treatment. They originally wanted to start her off going every week for 34 weeks using a variety of medicines to knock out the cancer from all angles. Unfortunately, we could not afford this protocol. We chose a less expensive route, but would still like to eventually be able to do the more extensive treatment to give her the best chance of remission.

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Monday, May 29, 2006
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