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8 years old
Rasta was brought into my life as a puppy as soon as I got back from my Iraq deployment in 2005. I came back to the states broken. I suffered from Depression and PTSD and buried everything into alcohol and solitude. It may sound cheesy but the day I laid eyes on Rasta as a puppy I saw hope. I continued through my struggle of depression and alcoholism but day by day I got better. I had a friend who sat by my side who listened while cried, sobbed, and told my story. In return I got Rasta out on walks, puppy classes,agility, into nature by backpacking and camping. We relied on each other and we became best friends. Before I know it I am back into college and I am traveling and experiencing life the way it should be. I feel as Rasta was the energy I needed to get me living life to the fullest. I have always had him by my side since 2005. He has traveled with me to the West Coast and to the East Coast numerous times. He has tasted salt water from the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. We have hiked on the PCT and the AT. That is more than most people I know. It kills me that cancer is potentially going to shorten Rasta's life. If it wasn't for him I probably would not have seen as much as I have. I want to do what I can today to help him live longer as long as it is a quality life and pain free. I just love him so much.
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In Treatment
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Its been a rough week for Rasta pasta. They found a cancerous tumor in his chest that is creating a fluid and filling his chest cavity. The ER doctors drained the fluid on Monday so he can breathe and keep his food/water down. We did get clarification that it is Tcell Lymphoma cancer.  Supposedly, it is meaner then B cell but I dont even want to do more research because every story and diagnosis is different.  I am going to hope for the best on a day by day basisA few days later after his first chemo treatment Rasta is now enjoying short walks and his dog food again.  Now that we know it is Tcell we will start treating differently.  I believe we will treat with Prednisone, Licristine, and Lumostine.  I took Rasta to see a Chinese Herbal Medicine guy who has an apothecary.  I dont want to treat Rasta with herbs and plant medicines but I got some supplements to boost his Immune system.  Rasta seems very dehydrated so I want to put extra nourishment into his system. Will you please keep Rasta in your thoughts and prayers and send him good healthy vibes for me. Rasta has had a phenomenal life. He is my best friend and I am so thankful to have gotten the chance in this life to have shared the companionshop of a dog.  From here on out lets just hope for a pain free journey for Rasta! 

Date of Birth: 
Tuesday, December 7, 2004
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