Dog Breed: 
10 years old
GoGo is my lil girl who is currently fighting cancer. She has Neurofibrosarcoma. This is the second time she has it. They first time was in 2010 and the margins were clean so I thought it was gone for good. But it came back again, this time the vet couldn't get clean margins. Her only chance to finally get rid of this horrible disease for good is with radiation. But its very expensive and I have to pay for this myself.
Type of Cancer: 
Treatment Status: 
In Treatment
My pet is a cancer survivor: 
Date of Birth: 
Sunday, July 21, 2002


My little girl is also a beagle   11 years old .  She has had  several operations one treatment of radiation for 8 weeks  She is doing well  Like all our companions you would never know anything is wrong with her  Here we are Again  she had surgery on her anal glands  Now she needs both sides  Riedel Cody Fund has helped me and Penny tremendously  It is very costly II agree  Like yoursel I don't have the funds for this surgery  I live alone with Penny Not much income as we all have to decide each monthOUR LITTLE GIRL'S ARE MORE TO US THAN A PETThe attachement we connect with  is a strong bond     I pray we do receive our grant from Riedel Cody Fund Love Penny and Caroline   

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