Nixin & Champ-A Story Of Two Dogs With Cancer and How One’s Memory Will Give Hope To The Other.

We are delighted to announce that Nixin Einson will receive a grant to fund his cancer care, from The Riedel & Cody Fund in Memory of Champ Broder.  This is a direct result of a successful fundraiser held recently in honor of Champ.

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, just five days after losing Champ, the Broder Family hosted a Bark Mitzvah in honor and memory of Champ’s life and his courageous battle with cancer.  This celebration was a fundraiser to benefit The Riedel & Cody Fund to help other dogs with this disease. Nixin’s Mom was there to honor Champ, volunteer her time to help fundraise, and to gain support from those who understand the journey of a dog with cancer.

Here are their stories:

Nixin is a loving and loyal Golden/Kuvatz mix who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of basal cell carcinoma in October 2011. He underwent surgery to remove growths on his leg and back, and now requires radiation to eradicate any remaining cancer cells. Nixin's Mom describes him as having a perpetual smile and playful antics that never fail to make her laugh. “Meeting him for the first time is quite entertaining, as he is likely to introduce you to all of his “babies”, initiate a game of catch, and try to sit on your lap…all within the first 10 minutes of greeting. Nixin's role in my life transcends companionship. In my profession working with terminally ill children, "how was your day?" is anything but light conversation. Quite often, Nixin serves as my confidant, and never fails to calm me, lift my mood, or just simply be there for a needed hug."

Champ, was known throughout Westport, CT’s beaches, doggie parks, retail stores, nearby lake or swimming spots as Mr. Handsome -- even by other proud Lab owners. He just was a good looking boy. Champ was born in Vermont on Lake Champlain in a litter of eight pups and as the Broder family’s older daughter knew, he was the one. Ever since the snow-storm journey to pick him up his family knew that a blessed event was taking place. One was surviving the blizzard, the other was being fortunate to have such a fantastic puppy added to the Broder family. Throughout his all too short 13 years, Champ always gave them unconditional love and lots of joy. He battled his few years of various cancer treatments from conventional chemo to more immune building acupuncture always as a true "Champ". His Dad said, “An example of his consistent nature would be after surgery for removal of a mast cell, he would come out of the OR room, look up at me with those expressive understanding eyes and simply say, "Dad, are you all right?" true love bucket our Champ. We will always be grateful of the many many wonderful moments and life lessons together in our family for Champ. We had to put our boy down November 7th, 2011. As he was fading off, we spoke together and he promised to be waiting for all of us in our little family at those heavenly gates. I know he'll patiently be there, huge wagging tail, smiling upon our arrival. We miss you Mr. Handsome!”

While Nixin never had the honor of meeting Champ, these special dogs will forever share a bond, as will their families.

Nixin, you are in our thoughts while you courageously battle this disease with the same honor and strength as our friend Champ.


So sorry for your loss. Dogs are so amazing. Its so hard when we lose them to the big c. Last year we lost our border collie and don't mix in the same week. Now our first baby is terminal but we are doing chemo to buy us some more time. She has been my medical dog for 14 years. The grief is overwhelming for Jim and i because she is so special. She saved my life a few times. My hubby is so upset he gets the shakes.

No words can express the grief you feel . gOOD TO HEAR YOU HAVE A GREAT SUPPORT SYSTEM best to nixin
wishing you all the support it takes to get through this GLAD YOU OBTAINED THE FUNDING love to nixen love penny

These two dogs Nixin and Champ are the real fighters....they fought with one of the incurable diseases CANCER........

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